Twickenham MP Munira Wilson has slammed Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s Spring Budget, saying that the Government is making “empty promises”. 

Following the Budget, local residents are still facing income tax rises whilst the Government is delivering very little for our struggling NHS or schools.  

Local schools are crying out for more help, yet no extra funding was announced for day-to-day basics which parents are regularly forced to donate, or for crumbling buildings. In fact, Liberal Democrat analysis reveals that under the Government’s plans spending on school buildings is £0.2 billion less in real terms planned for the next year than it was for the previous year.

Munira said:

“Today’s Budget offers nothing for residents in Twickenham who are facing spiralling mortgages and bills because of the Conservatives’ mismanagement of the economy. Instead, all this Government is doing is making more empty promises.

“Our NHS staff are struggling to keep up with soaring waiting lists, yet this Budget doesn’t give any meaningful support for our health services. Teachers are having to teach pupils in crumbling schools, yet this Budget delivers even less money for school buildings.

“Our country is crying out for real change. Local residents will not have the wool pulled over their eyes by this hollow Budget. The best thing this Conservative Government could do now is call a general election.”