On 13 March, Munira held a debate in Parliament, attended by MPs from across parties, to discuss NHS England’s controversial decision to relocate children’s cancer services from St George’s Hospital in Tooting to the Evelina Hospital in Lambeth.  

Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey, MP for Kingston and Surbiton, also raised the issue in Prime Minister’s Questions earlier that day, following on a letter that Munira, Ed and Richmond Park MP Sarah Olney had written to the Health Secretary, MP Victoria Atkins. 

The proposed change would affect children needing cancer care across south London and the southeast of England. In the debate, Munira had made the case for why children’s cancer services were better placed at St George’s, and raised questions about the transparency of NHS England’s decision. 

Munira said: “I am deeply concerned by NHS England’s decision to remove children’s cancer care from St George’s Hospital, which is rated CQC Outstanding for paediatric services, and has been delivering this highly specialist service for over 25 years, with well-established networks and experience. 

“We must not lose sight of who should be at the heart of this decision – the children and families who are facing the most frightening time in their lives,” added Munira. 

The following day, after NHS England confirmed its decision, Munira asked the Health Secretary to intervene. The issue had also been raised by and by Munira, Ed Davey and Richmond Park MP Sarah Olney in a joint letter to the Health Secretary, MP Victoria Atkins. 

Watch the BBC London interview: 

In the debate, Munira had argued that the institutional knowledge and expertise that has been developed by St George’s over 25 years, in partnership with the Royal Marsden, made it best placed to deliver children’s cancer services. 

Munira had also raised concerns, shared by organisations including Healthwatch Richmond and Healthwatch Merton, about the way NHS England made the decision, with strong evidence that the decision had been predetermined. 

In the debate, Munira had stressed the importance of ensuring that the voices of families and clinicians were properly listened to and reflected in the final decision. 

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