Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Sophie Linden has responded to Munira about the closure and sale of Teddington Police Station.

Munira wrote to Sophie Linden in September to express concern about the impact the closure could have on local crime. The letter urged the Deputy Mayor to reconsider the decision and explain the reasons behind it, including the lack of consultation with the local community. Munira also sought greater clarity about the proposed closure timeline. (Munira’s initial full letter can be read here.) Additionally, Munira and her team met with Sophie Linden to discuss the issues.

Munira raised specific concerns about groups gathering at Teddington Lock and the impact the closure will have on policing the area. Sophie Linden noted that patrols have been increased in the area and also noted that the Ham neighbourhood team will access the ward via Teddington Lock, further increasing the police presence in the area.

In the response to the questions about closure, Ms Linden confirmed that the police station will be sold in due course, however, Munira has successfully secured a delay whilst a bid by a local doctors surgery and housing association is considered.

The full letter from Sophie Linden is here: