Munira featured on the panel on BBC Politics Live. She spoke out against vaccine passports, getting the jab to poorer countries, and the failing international quarantine system.

On vaccine passports

Making the receipt of a Coronavirus vaccination a ticket for accessing entry to venues and services sets a dangerous precedent. It should not be made mandatory for the sake of both businesses and individuals.

Venues and services have struggled through the past year, and asking them to put facilities in place to check medical certificates or even administer rapid Covid-19 tests creates a huge amount of pressure.

On sharing vaccinations

Populations of every country, regardless of economic status, should be entitled to a vaccination.

Vaccinations keep vulnerable members of different communities safe and work in tandem with quarantine and social distancing measures.

Without sharing vaccinations between countries, the virus continues to spread and mutate, with every possibility that it hits each country with yet another wave.

On international quarantine

The Government’s current quarantine system simply does not hold up against Coronavirus. It has come in too little, too late, and leaves hundreds of exceptions.

Hauliers, for example, do not even need to provide evidence of a negative lateral flow test. This means that the virus can travel unchecked through the country, in spite of all the sacrifices made to control it.