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Community Conversations

Richmond Council is running a number of local Community Conversation events, where you can meet your local ward councillors and have your say on issues important to you.

For more information, including how to attend, please see this link.

Update on local COVID-19 figures

You can see up to date information on the number of local coronavirus cases here.

Outdoor pool at ‘Pools on the Park’ reopens

On Monday, the outdoor pool at ‘Pools on the Park’ reopened. To visit, please pre-book via the LBRuT app or by calling 020 3772 2999.

For more information on opening dates of local sports centres and swimming pools, please see this link.


Standing up for your concerns

Meeting with Sally Benatar (South West London Borough Commander)

Recently, I met with Sally Benatar from the Metropolitan Police to discuss antisocial behaviour in green spaces, especially around Twickenham Green. Whilst local officers have altered shift patterns to provide more of a police presence at certain times, the reality is that officers are regularly getting called away to other parts of London to support major incidents, such as shutting down of illegal raves. Twickenham is being short-changed in terms of policing presence, and this is something that Sarah Olney (MP for Richmond Park) and I have written to the Met Police Commissioner and Mayor of London about already, and will be following up. I also raised my concerns in Parliament.

I also raised concerns about racial profiling of individuals locally and sought reassurances regarding the Met’s approach to stop and search.

Supporting the financial and mental health of those excluded from government support schemes

Millions of those excluded from the Government’s Covid financial support schemes are under incredible stress. The toll this is taking on people’s mental health cannot be underestimated.

That’s why Jamie Stone MP and I have been pressuring the Government to act now to provide both financial and mental health support. You can read our letter here.

I also spoke to Iain Dale on LBC about this campaign to secure support for those left out.

Raising concerns about funding cuts to the BBC

The BBC is part of a wider ecosystem where it commissions a lot of independent production companies. Continued pressure on the BBC’s funding could put the wider revival of the creative sector at risk. I raised my concerns in Parliament on this issue. 

Questioning government on Covid-19 2nd wave investment in social care

The £3bn funding package for the NHS announced in July was very welcome, but yet again, social care was overlooked.

Without investment, social care could struggle even more in a Covid-19 second wave. The Government must learn its lessons from the first wave and ensure social care has the support and resourcing it needs. Read more here.

Learning lessons in case of second wave

With a potential Covid-19 second wave, it’s crucial lessons are quickly learned from mistakes. That’s why I asked Matt Hancock how the Government will avoid repeating the past.

It’s welcome the Prime Minister has committed to a future inquiry, but lessons need to be learned now, not when it’s too late.

Scrutinising government during recess

From July 22 until September 1, parliament is in summer recess. I’m concerned there will be fewer opportunities to hold the Government during this period. Given the pandemic is ongoing, it’s vital I can raise the concerns of my constituents. Therefore, I asked the Deputy Speaker what could be done about this.

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