Over the Easter break, Munira commented in the media about a range of issues important to constituents and people across the country.

In a panel on BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions, Munira gave her views on the junior doctors’ strike and the Government’s immoral asylum policies. Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, Munira discussed Brexit, teacher pay and children’s mental health.

Patients and junior doctors deserve better

The Government has refused to get round the table and negotiate a pay deal with junior doctors. Patients deserve better, and so do junior doctors, whose pay has been cut 26% in real terms over the past 15 years.

The Government’s asylum policy is unworkable and immoral

With a 160k backlog sitting with the Home Office, we need a standalone unit to process claims, so people crossing the Channel know that if they come to the UK, they’ll be treated fairly and swiftly.

Our botched deal with the EU is of the Conservative’s own making

In a Radio 5 Live panel, Munira said the Home Secretary was deluded if she thought Brexit wasn’t a factor in the queues at Dover over the Easter holidays. Munira added that Tory MPs, too, are deluded for trying to shift the blame to France. British businesses and holidaymakers deserve better!

Don’t leave our children, teachers and schools in the lurch

The last thing parents and pupils need now is more school closures. But the Government’s offer on teacher pay asked cash-strapped schools to foot another bill. The Conservatives must not leave our children in the lurch. Munira called for a fair, fully-funded deal that all sides can accept.

We must prioritise our children’s mental health

Improving access to mental health support in schools has been one of Munira’s key priorities since being elected as an MP, and waiting lists are still far too long. That’s why Liberal Democrats are calling for a mental health professional in EVERY school, funded by taxing social media giants.