Climate change affects us all. This is especially true for the younger generations, who are inheriting a climate crisis that will have a larger impact on the next decade than Coronavirus. Sea ice is melting, permafrost defrosting, and global temperatures are rising. We must equip young people with the tools they need to combat and cope with the climate emergency.

Climate change is the most important issue young people face, and they should be taught what causes climate issues, how we can fight back, and how this will impact their lifestyle and livelihood in their futures. Yet there is no established educational pathway to inform children about climate issues, with the quality of climate education differing from school to school.

What’s more, teachers are not always fully equipped to educate on climate change. 7 in 10 teachers in the UK say that they have not received adequate training to educate their students on climate issues, suggesting that the Government cares little about the preparedness of the next generation.

That is why I’m campaigning for climate education to be made an independent subject, alongside the national curriculum, sex education, and religious education. It is clear that young people must move from a state of climate anxiety to a place of climate empowerment: environmental champions ready to face challenges ahead.

If you believe in a greener education for a brighter future, in further training opportunities for teachers, and tackling the climate crisis, sign the petition below. Together, we can empower students in the climate challenges they will face.

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