Last week Munira visited the Ukraine social hub at the Vineyard Community Centre, held in partnership with Refugees Welcome in Richmond.

The hub, which is open every Friday afternoon from 1pm – 3pm, is a place for Ukrainian refugees and their host families to connect with a supportive community – including local volunteers – over tea, coffee and cake. English lessons are also available for those who wish to sign up.

Munira joined volunteers to chat with women who have arrived from Ukraine, including an opera singer and an opthalmologist.

“The women and children arriving in the UK from Ukraine have been through so much,” said Munira. “I’m immensely grateful to the organisations and volunteers who are welcoming them into our community, and to the residents who have opened up their homes.”

For more information, or to sign up or volunteer, please visit The Vineyard Community Centre and Refugees Welcome in Richmond.

Sofia, a volunteer from Twickenham’s Prosperity restaurant, which also hosts a Ukrainian social club, was on-hand as well. On Sunday 24 July, Prosperity is hosting a Ukrainian food festival on Twickenham’s Church Street, open to all.