Vaccination centres need to be on every high street, Munira emphasised to PM Boris Johnson in the Chamber earlier today. Local independent pharmacies, like Goode’s Chemist in Twickenham, are vital in ensuring the vaccination can be accessed by the most vulnerable in our community.

Mobility and access to safe modes of transportation pose two limiting factors on the success of large vaccination hubs, and it is therefore imperative that other options are available. Recruiting enough people with the credentials to vaccinate members of the public will require communities to pull together to find a way out of the crisis.

Following the exchange, Munira said:

“The Government has ambitious targets for their vaccination scheme, and local pharmacies need to be utilised as a matter of urgency.

To guarantee success they must seek the help of clinicians, the military, local government, the private sector and thousands of volunteers. Every high street, surgery, local pharmacy and stadium across the country should become a vaccination point and we must be vaccinating 24/7.

The Government has to get this right if we are to save lives and protect the NHS.”