Manchester United football player, Marcus Rashford, has written an open letter to all MPs, urging the Government to extend its free school meal scheme into the summer holidays.

Responding to the letter, Munira Wilson, MP for Twickenham, said:

“I fully support what Marcus is calling for and I have huge amounts of respect for Marcus using his position to help others.

“No child should go hungry. Far too many do during most summer holidays, let alone the circumstances we find ourselves in this year.

“Many families will be struggling financially, will be in insecure work and will be worrying about losing their jobs. Already there are 1.3 million children eligible for food vouchers. This number is only likely to increase due to the pandemic.

“I strongly urge the Government to think again. They must do the right thing and reverse their decision to scrap free school meal vouchers over the summer.”

Marcus Rashford’s Letter

The open letter written by Marcus Rashford is below:

Image credit: the author of the photo of Marcus Rashford is Oleg Bkhambri from here.