Munira supported this year’s National Hygiene Week, which aims to raise awareness of hygiene poverty across the UK. Hygiene poverty is not being able to access what we need to keep us clean, safe and well.

One fifth of the UK population currently live in poverty, and this number is growing exponentially this year due to the coronavirus crisis. The campaign is run by The Hygiene Bank, which provides essential hygiene and personal care products to those living in poverty.

Munira donates to local Hygiene Bank

The Hygiene Banks in Twickenham, Teddington and Hampton distribute donated products to help support people locally who are struggling.

Munira made a donation to The Hygiene Bank in Hampton. Munira said:

“It is a huge injustice that keeping clean is a luxury for some in our society. Some people locked in poverty are unable to access basic hygiene products that we can often take for granted. This can have a huge impact on people’s dignity, self-confidence and mental wellbeing.

Sadly, the problem is becoming worse due to the impact of the coronavirus crisis on people’s livelihoods.

That’s why the work of Hygiene Banks are so important for helping people feel clean, confident and healthy. I would like to thank our local volunteers and Hygiene Banks for all their hard work in doing all they do to tackle hygiene poverty and raise awareness.

I encourage everyone to make a donation to a Hygiene Bank locally if they can. It’s really important that everyone in our society can access the essential products they need.”

Munira leads cross-party motion in Parliament to tackle hygiene poverty

During National Hygiene Week (14 Sept – 20 Sept), Munira led a motion in Parliament that urged the Government to take steps to tackle hygiene poverty.

Politicians from a range of political parties (Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems, DUP, Plaid Cymru) supported Munira’s motion. You can read the motion below: