Munira has demanded the Government take action to provide support to those currently excluded from the Government’s Covid-19 support schemes.

Hundreds of constituents who have been left out from the schemes have written to Munira. They are worried about their livelihoods, and future income. These include those who have become newly self-employed, freelancers, those on short-term contracts, new job starters and many others.

Munira has written to the Chancellor urging him to expand support “to those currently overlooked through no fault of their own”. Not doing so is “no longer a viable excuse”.

This follows a recent Treasury Select Committee report, “Economic impact of coronavirus: Gaps in support”. This found that “thousands” have fallen through the gaps in the Government’s support schemes. It also made recommendations on how the Government can reduce the number of people excluded from the schemes.

Munira writes to the Chancellor

The letter is below:

Following the letter, Munira said:

“Whilst the Government’s support schemes are welcome, there is no doubt that more can be done to ensure fewer people fall through the cracks.

I have been contacted by hundreds of constituents in recent weeks who, through no fault of their own, have been excluded from getting support. Many are feeling deeply worried about their livelihoods and future income. Others are already facing significant financial hardship.

In light of the Treasury Committee report, there is absolutely no excuse for the Government not to take action now. I will continue to use pressure the Government to ensure fewer people are excluded from support.”

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