This World Cancer Day came after a year of truly challenging circumstances. Cancer patients have suffered from isolation and critical delays in diagnosis during the pandemic.

Munira commended the bravery of those living with cancer through this extraordinary period, and paid tribute to NHS staff who have helped loved ones through these trying times.

Munira’s message on World Cancer Day

Munira meets with Cancer Research UK

Munira also met with Cancer Research UK to discuss the impact of the pandemic on cancer diagnosis and care. They provided an assessment of what is needed to begin making progress in cancer care after the crisis.

Munira leads motion in Parliament

Munira is leading a cross-party Parliamentary motion which calls for the Government to recognise the impact of cancer and make commitments to deliver a strategy that ensures all those who have been left behind by the pandemic can access timely cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Munira said:

“Cancer has very sadly touched the lives of many in our community. With millions suffering from the disease and countless families concerned about a loved one, the impact of a diagnosis is huge.

Coronavirus has caused immense worry for those living with cancer. Isolated from friends, family, and community, the mental impact cannot be underestimated. Worse still, the pandemic has caused critical delays in diagnosing cancers, and leaves people at risk of suffering the worst effects of this disease.

This World Cancer Day, I would like to commend the bravery of those people living with cancer through this extraordinary period, and pay tribute to all the NHS and care staff consistently helping our loved ones through even the most trying of times.

The Government must deliver a strategy to ensure all those who have been left behind as a result of the pandemic are offered timely cancer diagnosis and treatment. They must also push efforts to ensure research keeps moving forward, with the aim of finding a cure.”