The Boundary Commission for England has confirmed that the majority of Whitton will be removed from the Twickenham constituency at the next General Election.

This is despite strong historical and cultural ties between Whitton and the rest of Twickenham, the parliamentary constituency that also includes Teddington, St Margarets and the Hamptons. Whitton has belonged to the Twickenham constituency since it was first established in 1918.

The Whitton community is spread over two local council wards – Whitton and Heathfield – yet despite the close ties between these two parts of the town, the Heathfield ward will remain in Twickenham, whilst Whitton is being cut out and moved to the Brentford and Isleworth constituency. As Brentford and Isleworth is currently entirely within the London Borough of Hounslow, it will also make Whitton a “Richmond island” within the neighbouring constituency.

Munira Wilson, the MP for Twickenham, has opposed the boundary changes since they were first announced, having voted against the legislation that forced the changes, and having submitted a formal objection in the initial consultation.

Speaking in response to the changes, Munira Wilson MP, who lives in Heathfield ward, said:

“I have considered myself a proud Whitton local since I moved to the area in 2011. I am very sad to see that the redrawing of the electoral map will tear our town in two, putting a boundary through the heart of our community.

“Local Liberal Democrats strongly opposed these plans to displace Whitton from the Twickenham constituency and, in particular, to isolate the Dene Estate next to the Stoop from its closest neighbours on the south side of the A316.

“I know from talking to many Whitton residents they are furious about this move. I thank them for their support in challenging the Boundary Commission’s proposals through the consultation phase.

“I will continue to be Whitton’s woman in Westminster, representing all of Whitton’s residents in Parliament until the next election on issues from Heathrow noise and SWR services at the station, to the cost of living crisis and NHS care.”

The next general election is currently expected to be held in 2024.