Munira released the following statement following the publication of Sue Gray’s report last week:

“While we don’t yet have the full findings of Sue Gray’s report into Downing Street parties during lockdown, the evidence we do have is damning enough. The ‘failures of leadership and judgement’ that Gray refers to – not to mention the potential criminal acts – are on full display for all to see.

So many of my constituents have shared with me their own heart-breaking stories of loss and sacrifice during the pandemic. Yet while the British public followed the rules, Boris Johnson broke the rules and lied to the country.

The public suffered while Number 10 partied, and they deserve answers. Along with my Liberal Democrat colleagues, I am calling for a full, unredacted version to be published as soon as the police investigation is complete. 

As politicians, our duty is to serve the people we represent – but Boris Johnson’s only concept of service is self-service. This country deserves so much better. Tory MPs must do the decent and patriotic thing and force him out.”