Responding to the mini-budget announced by Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng in Parliament on Friday, Munira said:

“I am utterly gobsmacked by what the Chancellor announced in his mini-budget. The Conservatives have shown just how out of touch they are with people in Twickenham and across the country, and I dread to think what these tax cuts mean for our struggling schools, hospitals and other public services.

“This mini budget is putting handouts for bankers first and support for local families and pensioners last.

“As people worry about soaring bills and our high streets are pushed to the brink, the new Chancellor has shown he must be living on another planet.

“With the worst inflation in decades, rising interest rates, and an economy heading into a recession, the Conservative claim to be the party of business now seems like a joke.

“I will continue to champion a fair deal for people and businesses in Twickenham who are being left high and dry by this government. The Liberal Democrats would scrap these unfair tax handouts for banks and other multinational companies raking in huge profits, and use the money to help struggling families with their bills instead.”

The Liberal Democrats are calling for:

  • A fully implemented windfall tax on oil and gas giants
  • A scrapping of the planned cut to corporation tax
  • A scrapping of the planned lift on bankers’ bonus caps
  • Guarantee to support businesses with energy costs for one year, not just six months, to provide greater certainty
  • Freeze domestic energy prices at what they are now, instead of hiking them again next month
  • Invest in a winter rescue plan for the NHS to recruit more doctors, dentists and paramedics