Responding to the announcement that Boris Johnson has finally agreed to resign, Munira said:

“The whole country can breathe a sigh of relief as Boris Johnson’s hand is forced and he finally agrees to go. But this is by no means the end of it. The mass resignations have led to total chaos right across government, with not ONE single minister in the Education Department.

“The Conservatives have lost all credibility by propping up the Prime Minister for so long. It has been shameful to see Conservative MPs stand loyally by Boris Johnson through years of scandals and lies, and it’s clear they only acted at the very last minute to save their own skin.

“Britain needs change and real leadership to deal with the cost of living crisis and record NHS waiting times. Only then can we restore trust in our political system and ensure the stability of our country. But the Conservative party have proven they are not up to the job.”

Yesterday, on 6 July, Munira challenged Boris Johnson in Prime Minister’s Questions to heed advice he himself has given in the past, do the decent thing and resign. Watch it here: