On 4th November 2021, Munira Wilson MP wrote to the Government on behalf of local residents concerned about the misuse of e-scooters. While there are important benefits to e-scooters, not least environmental, Munira and the Liberal Democrats want to make sure that where they are used, they are done so safely. For example, Munira is calling for geo-tracking technology to be implemented to ensure that riders using e-scooters irresponsibly can be identified, warned and banned if needs be. The Liberal Democrats are also calling for the law prohibiting e-scooter use on pavements to be enforced. Many of these restrictions are in place for properly licenced e-scooters which form part of the London-wide trial taking place, including here in Richmond Borough.

After hearing general concerns and about specific incidents from constituents, Munira wrote to the Home Office. Their response can be seen here:

In August 2021, Munira met with local e-scooter provider, TIER Mobility, where she raised the legitimate concerns and spoke about the local trials.

Commenting, Munira said, “If we are going to see the use of e-scooters increasing, we must make sure that they are safe for riders, pedestrians and drivers. This is why I was glad to hear about geo-fencing which prevents e-scooters from riding in certain pedestrian zones and I would like to see this developed further to prevent e-scooters from riding on pavements where they are a danger to local residents”