Munira asked yesterday in the House of Commons how schools would be supported in light of the government’s removal of bubbles and self-isolation for pupils. Schools having good ventilation helps prevent the spread of Covid-19. However, putting proper ventilation measures in place is expensive. Munira asked how schools would be supported going forward with this cost, given many schools in the country cannot afford this. 

The Secretary of State for Education only responded about general support and advice provided to schools.

Speaking in the Chamber Munira asked:

“Today’s announcement about the scrapping of bubbles and self-isolation for pupils will be welcome news to many parents, pupils and teachers across the country. The Secretary of State made passing reference to the importance of ventilation. We know now about the importance of ventilation because it is an airborne virus. Therefore, what more is he doing to support schools to put better ventilation in place? Yesterday I visited Richmond upon Thames School in my constituency, which has spent £15,000 alone on improving ventilation. Many schools simply cannot do that, as they are already struggling to balance the books. What more support will he put in place, following the example of Germany and New York City?”

The Secretary of State for Education responded:

“At every stage during the pandemic we have provided support for schools to put in place the measures needed to restrict the transmission of covid and ensure that they can open. We recognise that good hand sanitising and good hygiene, along with ventilation, are important. We continue to offer schools advice on how best to deliver that.”