Munira pledged to continue the fight for additional school funding, as many local schools fall into deficit due to pandemic costs.   

Munira arranged a meeting with the Chairs of Governors from local schools to update them on my efforts in Parliament to secure Government support, and to hear from the schools about the depth of the crisis.

Following the meeting, Munira said:

“Many schools in Twickenham are struggling with the double-whammy of the costs of making their sites Covid-secure and the lost income from lettings and fundraising.”

“I heard how schools have not been fully reimbursed for the cost of extra cleaning or staff absences. Additional costs for some schools have already passed £75,000 and are increasing daily.”

“Compounding the increased costs of keeping children safe, all schools have lost income steams which they normally rely on. One school reported an annual income loss of over £90,000.”

“The resulting pressure on school budgets is becoming acute with several across the borough falling into deficit and coming under pressure to cut staff and support services for children.”  

“The government needs to step up and provide dedicated funding to schools in financial difficulty.”

“I will continue to press the government to provide these much-needed funds and protect our children.”