Munira has pledged to champion and support unpaid carers across Twickenham.

This follows two virtual meetings that took place during Carer’s Week 2020, where Munira spoke to local unpaid carers about their experiences. These meetings were facilitated by Crossroads Care (Richmond and Kingston) and Richmond Carers Centre, who support unpaid carers locally.

Munira said:

“The value of what unpaid carers do for our society is immense. They hold our communities and families together. Throughout the pandemic, they have been working day and night to provide care for the most vulnerable in our communities.

Richmond Carers Centre and Crossroads Care (Richmond and Kingston) have been doing amazing work to help unpaid carers locally. I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent support and respite services they provide.

Sadly, despite all that unpaid carers do, they very rarely get the recognition they deserve. Many feel exhausted and close to burn out following the pressures the pandemic has placed on this group.

To hear first hand from local unpaid carers about the challenges they are facing was an absolute privilege and it’s fair to say, I have been humbled. Many have had to make enormous sacrifices in terms of their careers or personal needs, to care for loved ones.

That’s why I want to be a voice for them in Parliament and locally. It’s so important we make these unsung heroes more visible and get them the recognition they deserve.”

Richmond Carers Centre

Melissa Wilks, CEO at Richmond Carers Centre, said:

“Carers play such a vital role in our community – recognition and support for them is essential.  Everyone has a role to play in this.  The contribution unpaid carers make is often undervalued and unheard – we all, in all areas of health, social care, and in our wider community, need to identify ways to ensure carers can access resources to enable them to manage their often very complex and challenging responsibilities.

Caring for loved ones can be incredible rewarding.  It can also, if support and information is not there when it’s needed, affect carers own health and wellbeing, have a significant impact on family relationships, finances and employment, and can be very lonely. 

Munira Wilson has taken a big step towards bringing positive changes for carers by making herself available to listen to and hear carers voices and experiences, and by committing herself to be a voice for carers locally and in Westminster. We are grateful to Munira for her openness, understanding and support, and look forward to working with her to improve the recognition and support for carers in the London Borough of Richmond.”

Virtual meeting with carers from Richmond Carers Centre

Crossroads Care

Julie Da Costa, CEO of Crossroads Care Richmond and Kingston, said:

“COVID-19 has disproportionately affected this often lonely, isolated and secluded group, with an estimated 4.5 million more people caring since the coronavirus outbreak began, totalling 13.6 million across the UK. 

Every year, we support over 500 Carers and the people they care for. On Friday 12 June, Munira Wilson MP listened to the voices of 10 of our Carers (Male, Parent, Older, former, Distant and Young Carers). 

In these unusual times, where anxiety and stress levels are high for carers, often without their usual support networks, it was heart-warming to hear them share their views and experiences, especially during Carer’s Week.”

Virtual meeting with carers from Crossroads Care (Richmond and Kingston)