Munira has expressed deep concern and “disappointment” that local small businesses and entrepreneurs have been “left behind” in the Chancellor’s budget today. Munira has warned that without more “concrete support”, local shops, pubs, hairdressers, florists and traders are at risk of getting “decimated”.

Munira has also vowed to “fight for more support to protect local businesses” as well as to “end the injustice” of those excluded from Government support schemes.

You can read Munira’s full response to the Budget below:

On support for small businesses…

Munira said:

“I am disappointed that our small businesses and entrepreneurs have been left behind by the Chancellor today. They are absolutely key to the post-Covid economic recovery. Restart grants are all well and good but they aren’t nearly enough to compensate for a year of financial pain. Without further support, I really fear that our local high streets, businesses and community will be impacted.

“What good is this Budget if many of our local shops, pubs, hairdressers, florists and traders risk going under? We need to be saving local businesses and jobs – they will be central to our recovery – not hanging them out to dry.

“Small businesses need concrete support, not one off grants and more loans. We need the business rates holiday to continue for all of the next financial year supporting those with physical premises. Targeted relief would help the live events and hospitality sectors, giving them a chance to reopen. We need a lost revenue scheme for small businesses to compensate them for being forced to close, and the extension of the furlough and self-employed support schemes fully to the end of 2021. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and I will continue to fight for more support to protect local businesses which are at the heart of our communities.”

On support for those financially excluded from Government support schemes…

Munira said:

“It is totally unacceptable that the vast majority of those excluded from Government support schemes are still being left behind by the Government. Quite simply, the Chancellor has signalled that some people are less worthy of support than others. It is not good enough or fair.

These people are tax-payers who through no fault of their own have been left without support now for nearly a year. They are struggling to survive financially and put food on the table. This has had a big impact on the mental health of many. These are real people in hardship and they can’t just be ignored.  

I will keep pressing the Chancellor to end this injustice and support these people who contribute so much to our economy. The Conservatives must right this wrong and cannot ignore these people any longer.”

Munira also spoke about this in the House of Commons:

On the health and social care announcements in the budget…

Munira said:

“I am shocked that the Chancellor was nearly silent on spending towards social care and the NHS. We are in the middle of a pandemic and services are under immense pressure. To not even make passing reference to many of the big issues facing our health and care system really demonstrates where the Government’s true priorities lie.

“The lack of announcements in the Budget on children’s mental health and social care was particularly disappointing. The pandemic has had a huge impact on children’s mental health and social care has long been overlooked. Both are in urgent need of more funding and I will continue to press for this at every opportunity.”