On the day that Rishi Sunak was officially declared as our new Prime Minister, Munira wasted no time in keeping up the pressure in Parliament to ensure that local schools and residents have access to the support they need.

She started by challenging the now former Secretary of State for Education on shrinking school budgets, with some headteachers growing increasingly concerned they will face a choice between cutting staff or leaving pupils to go hungry or cold.

The Education Secretary said he would protect schools by making representations to colleagues in HM Treasury. Munira saved him that job a few hours later, when she raised the energy bill plight of two local primary schools in Twickenham directly with the Financial Secretary to the Treasury.

Thirdly, Munira once again highlighted the untenable price increases many local residents are facing simply because their households are connected to a shared boiler system or communal heat network.

Hammering home the importance of providing these families with equivalent support to all other households, Munira called on the Minister of State to guarantee that they would not be left behind.

This is part of an ongoing campaign to protect heat network customers that Munira is leading in Parliament.

Following her interactions with Ministers in the chamber, Munira said:

“While the Conservative party has spent its time bickering over yet another new leader, Liberal Democrat MPs continue to represent our constituents in Parliament.

“Local schools and residents unprotected by the Ofgem energy price cap continue to contact me in fear over what the future holds. They need stability of government and clear, long-term support as we enter the winter.”