Munira joined Chris Mason on BBC Radio 4 Any Questions? to discuss the key political events of the day. Munira took questions from people across the country.

Lorraine Stanley from Barton upon Humber asked – My 88 year old mum lives in a care home and her shielding has now ended, she has had both vaccine doses, as have I the staff and other residents. Why can’t I take her outside and go to the park?

Munira’s response was that residents of care homes shouldn’t feel imprisoned. If risk assessments are completed and everyone involved is vaccinated, what reason can the Government have to stop us from taking loved ones to the park?

Colin Penfold from Hampshire asked – Is opposition from Ian Duncan Smith, John Redwood and Jeremy Corbyn sufficient proof that vaccine passports are a good idea?

Munira’s position is that vaccine passports are impractical and discriminatory. Liberal Democrats have opposed giving the government a blank cheque for our civil liberties and we will continue to defend those liberties.

There were also questions about the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report, and internet censorship to reduce young peoples’ access to pornography.

Listen to the full programme here: