On 28th April, British Airways announced that it would be making 12,000 workers redundant. It is also threatening to fire tens of thousands of their employees and rehire them on worse pay and conditions.

Over 150 constituents who are affected by these changes have written to Munira, worried about the future of their jobs.

Munira urges Govt to ban ‘fire and rehire’ policy

This week, Munira has spoken out against BA’s policy to ‘fire and rehire’ its employees in Parliament.

Intervening on a Conservative MP during an Aviation Sector Debate in the House of Commons, Munira said:

“I’m sure, like me, she’s had many heartbreadking stories from her constituents who have been treated appallingly by this nation’s flag carrier.

So will she call on her own frontbench to ban this fire and rehire policy that they are using?

There’s a Private Member’s Bill before us tomorrow, the Government should be taking this on, because this is a practical and obvious way to back BA employees.”

The Private Member’s Bill Munira was referring to is a Bill led by Gavin Newlands MP, which would prevent employers dismissing employees and then re-employing them with watered down terms and conditions.

Munira has previously pushed the Government to take action against BA for their treatment of employees on a number of other occasions. You can read more here and here.