Munira wrote to Lord Fink, Chairman of AHH, expressing disappointment regarding the dismissal of the community bid for Udney Park.

In April this year, Munira met representatives from the Udney Park Community Fields Trust to give her support to their proposed community-based bid.

The bid, led by Jonathan Dunn, aimed to purchase the playing fields from current management company Quantum Teddington Development ltd and protect them in perpetuity for amateur sports use. This bid was rejected despite backing from Munira, Sport England and the CEOs of the ECB and the RFU. Munira outlined how this is incomparable with AHH’s stated “social purpose”.

The full letter is here:

In response, AHH explained that the site was owned by a Limited Liability Partnership in which Lord Fink had a personal ownership stake.

Munira called upon Lord Fink to use any influence he has over the sale process to help secure Udney Park for the community and return it to its original use as a site for amateur sports.