Munira, working with Robert Halfon MP and Steve Brine MP, secured a debate in the House of Commons on the education roadmap out of Covid-19 for schools and educational institutions.

Speaking in the debate yesterday, Munira argued that the Government must take a more holistic approach in its plans to catch-up education following the disruption from the pandemic.

She suggested that the Government must also focus on children and young people’s wellbeing in addition to academic recovery. Finally, she paid tribute to the hard work of local schools and their staff throughout this crisis.

Below are some highlights from her speech:

Holistic approach to academic catch-up

Munira argued that a long-term holistic plan spanning several years was needed for academic catch-up following Covid-19. Extracurricular activities such as art and sports should be considered as part of this plan.

Mental health and wellbeing

Munira highlighted the increasing prevalence of children and young people experiencing mental health difficulties. She argued that the Government should introduce a ring-fenced fund for schools to provide mental health support.

Thank you to local school staff and schools

Munira highlighted the amazing work of local schools and their staff throughout this crisis. She argued that a long-term plan for addressing the impact of Covid-19 on education must also focus on staff morale, development, pay and conditions.