Following the Prime Minister announcing that a public inquiry would be held into the Government’s handling of the pandemic, Munira called on the Prime Minister to ensure bereaved families would be consulted on how the public inquiry would work.

With over 127,000 people having tragically lost their lives, Munira argued that it is crucial the families of those who have died are consulted on the inquiry’s chair and terms of reference. The public inquiry, long called for by the Liberal Democrats, must identify the failings that resulted in one of the highest death tolls across the globe.

Following the exchange, Munira said:

“The families of those who have lost a loved one must be consulted on how this inquiry will be run. It is their stories that define the tragedy of the Coronavirus pandemic, and decisions which caused such a disastrous response must be brought to attention.

We must learn the lessons of the pandemic to ensure that these tragedies are never repeated.”