This morning, the Supreme Court has overturned a judgement from earlier this year that ruled a third runway at Heathrow was illegal.

In February, the Court of Appeal said that the expansion of a third runway would not meet the UK’s climate targets. However, the Supreme Court has now ruled that the expansion was legitimately based on previous, less stringent, climate targets at the time it was agreed.

This now means Heathrow can seek planning permission for the runway. The Government, however, still has the final say even if the scheme is approved by planning inspectors.

Responding to this news, Munira said:

“The Supreme Court’s decision on Heathrow is extremely disappointing and terrible news for our planet. Expansion completely undermines the UK’s climate commitments and would be a disaster for tackling the climate emergency.

The Government categorically must not allow Heathrow to go ahead with its plans. How can the Government claim to be seriously committed to achieving net-zero by approving expansion of the UK’s single biggest source of carbon emissions in the year it is hosting the UN Climate Conference?

The news will also be a huge blow to the local residents in Twickenham, Teddington, St Margarets, the Hamptons and Whitton, who will have to deal with the increased levels of air pollution and noise. Expansion will harm the health and wellbeing of people across South West and West London.

Boris Johnson famously promised to lie down in front of the bulldozers to stop a third runway being built. He can spare himself the trouble by firmly ruling out a third runway at Heathrow now. If the Prime Minister is serious about achieving net-zero, he must cancel this expansion.”