A few months ago, Munira launched the petition ‘Green Education for a Brighter Future’, campaigning for greater climate education in schools, and specifically for climate change to be made a independent subject within the national curriculum.

After thanking all those who signed the petition Munira said “There is overwhelming support for greater climate change and environmental education in the school curriculum. The response of constituents was consistent with the feelings of children and young people that I have spoken to during recent visits to local schools. On these visits, students have consistently wanted to talk about environmental issues. Climate change is evidently a great priority for them.”

Both the response to the petition and conversations with students on schools visits informed Munira’s speech in last week’s debate in Parliament on Sustainability and Climate Change (National Curriculum). The debate was timely given COP26 and Munira’s recent appointment as the new Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Education. Munira firmly believes that climate change should be a more prominent subject in the education system and in her new position will continue to push ministers to make it so.

Climate education needs to empower, equip and inspire young people about the changes that we will all need to make and the innovation we need to protect our planet. The Liberal Democrats are keen to work alongside other parties to boost climate and biodiversity education in our schools.

Munira’s full contribution in the debate in Parliament can be found below: