During a debate on sport in communities, Munira highlighted the plight of Hampton Pool, a popular heated lido in the local area, which is struggling to keep pace with rising energy costs.

As a community run pool, operated by a charitable trust, Hampton Pool does not have the same funding or security as similar facilities owned by the local authority. The Government’s announcement earlier this week that swimming pools and other sports facilities had been missed off the list of sectors entitled to greater financial support with their energy bills came as unwelcome news.

Whilst libraries, museums, zoos and other cultural institutions all eligible to benefit, it is clear that the Government has made a serious omission in not including pools and sports facilities on the list. Munira called on Ministers to reconsider.

During the debate, the Minister for Sport, Stuart Andrew, assured MPs that he would be holding a roundtable with stakeholders to discuss what extra support can be given to swimming pools, such as Hampton Pool, and other sports facilities.

Munira has since tabled a Written Question to his colleagues in the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to keep up the pressure. Read her Question in full here.