A Cambridge University and PHE England study has suggested the decline in the COVID-19 death rate in England may arrest by mid-June.

Responding to this, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Health, Wellbeing and Social Care Munira Wilson said: 

“Scientists and public health officials sounded the alarm when the Government eased lockdown this week, given the COVID-19 risk level is still “high”. These findings show that they were right to advise caution. 

An effective test, trace and isolate system is the only way to keep people safe. But Ministers relaxed lockdown measures before establishing a fully functioning test and trace service, or even getting the NHSX App up and running. 

The UK coronavirus death toll has now, tragically, surpassed 40,000 – the highest in Europe. Given the scale of the crisis in the UK, Ministers must be frank about whether measures to ease lockdown were premature. Ministers must now urgently explain whether regional lockdowns will come into force and – if so – how they will be implemented, and who is legally responsible for this process.”