On 23 February, I led a debate in Parliament on the future of Teddington Police Station. I’ve been supporting a bid to repurpose the site as a new, fit-for-purpose home for Park Road Surgery, as well as affordable housing for our key workers and local young people. I argued that scarce taxpayer-owned sites like Teddington Police Station can, and should, be repurposed for the benefit of the community – and asked Minister Neil O’Brien to back my campaign.

Minister O’Brien confirmed that Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC), which owns the site, “has choices” in terms of selling the site. In a subsequent meeting, the Minister confirmed that there is nothing in law forcing MOPAC to sell for the highest price available, as the Mayor has repeatedly insisted.

You can sign the petition here which will be presented to the Mayor of London next week, and watch highlights from the debate below.