Disturbing allegations about the behaviour of Boris Johnson and members of his team continue to come thick and fast.

In the last few days, we’ve heard numerous allegations about the Government threatening to withhold public funds from constituencies with Tory MPs who didn’t toe the party line – including making funding for a school in Bury conditional on MP Christian Wakeford’s support of Tory policies. It’s no wonder that Mr. Wakeford has now defected to Labour. Now we have allegations that Conservative MP Nusrat Ghani was sacked as a minister because of her Muslim faith.

These revelations are yet more examples of unforgivable conduct by this Government. Following on the heels of the “Partygate” scandal, it’s further proof that Boris Johnson is not fit to lead this country.

The parties that the Prime Minister attended and allowed to go ahead in his home were not only criminal acts at the height of lockdown, but a severe breach of the trust placed in him as the leader of this country. But it wasn’t only the parties. We also saw the awarding of contracts to Conservative cronies, as well as attempts to re-write the parliamentary rules on standards to save an MP from their own ranks who was found guilty of corruption. This is not to mention the personal investigation of Boris Johnson over the funding of his Downing Street refurbishments. And now, these latest allegations.

The entitlement displayed by those in Downing Street shows that they just don’t believe the rules apply to them. Boris Johnson’s actions have eroded public trust and made a mockery of our institutions. His position is frankly untenable, and he must resign. I will continue to take every opportunity to push for his removal as Prime Minister.