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Munira confronts Priti Patel on border measures

It is abundantly clear that public health measures should have been implemented at our borders early on before community transmission was widespread

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Munira questions Govt on actions to reduce BAME Coronavirus risk

A report released today shows BAME people are disproportionately affected by Covid-19. The Government must ensure BAME health and social care workers are protected

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PHE report fails to address inequalities in our society

Many of the consequences of the pandemic are exacerbated by the existing inequalities in our society, yet this report does little to address those issues

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Munira stands up for local residents against unfair British Airways

BA has announced that it will be making 12,000 workers redundant. Munira has taken action to stand up for her constituents

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Munira raises concerns of local EU nationals as Home Office tightens citizenship rules

The new rules mean it’s harder for EU nationals to apply for British citizenship. Munira has taken this issue up on behalf of her constituents

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Coronavirus: Munira raises plight of social care sector

This crisis has brought into sharp relief just how important social care is. It has also brought into sharp relief the many problems facing the sector

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Coronavirus: Munira responds to new test and trace system

Ministers must come forward with clear and honest answers on their plans to support people in isolation

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Coronavirus: Govt must invest now in mental health support

Ministers must recognise that the mental health scars of Covid-19 will be deep. We need to see investment now

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Munira calls on PM to sack Cummings

It is not acceptable that Cummings continue in his post, without regret or apology. Public health guidance is now at serious risk

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Tired nurse

Munira launches calls for more mental health support for staff

The proposals would help those working in health and care

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