On Wednesday 6 September, Munira led a debate on Thames Water’s controversial plans to pump treated sewage into the river upstream of Teddington Lock.

With local residents rightly outraged by the proposals, Munira spoke to various media outlets about her debate in Parliament, and why she believes the proposals should be scrapped. Read the article in the Evening Standard here: Water chiefs condemned over ‘scandal’ of sewage in Thames.

In a call-in to LBC before the debate, Munira highlighted the strength of local feeling, and why the scheme just doesn’t add up.

Munira’s debate came at a time when sewage scandals continue to dominate the news. The Government came under fire for trying to scrap EU pollution laws (a move Liberal Democrats helped block) and for accusations it may have broken the law over how it regulates sewage releases. Meanwhile, water companies continue to breach sewage regulations whilst losing millions of litres of water to leaks every day. In an interview with BBC Radio London, Munira raised the question of trust in water companies.

The Liberal Democrats have been leading a national campaign on the water industry – with a special focus on the scandals around sewage and water quality. Munira raised the issue of proper scrutiny and regulation.

Read more on Munira’s campaign page here.