On 25 April, Munira joined panelists on BBC’s Question Time, speaking about outrageous NHS waiting lists, the housing emergency and the Conservative Government’s shameful Rwanda policy.  

In response to the question, “Does Britain have a sick note culture, with a lazy workforce?” Munira said:  

“Given the cost of living crisis, where people can, they’re working not just one job, but sometimes two or three jobs, so that they don’t have to choose between heating and eating. And for those who can’t work, they desperately want to work.” 

Watch the clip here. Watch the full episode on BBC iPlayer here.

On 22 April, Munira participated in LBC’s Cross Question panel hosted by Iain Dale and called for the Government to use their existing powers to ensure that water companies are held to account.  

“As a London MP, my constituents would have to pay these ridiculous water bills that they’re proposing. I think it’s utterly outrageous and my constituents and the millions of Thames Water customers shouldn’t have to foot the bill for their failures,” said Munira. 

Watch the full interview here.