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Munira presses the new Health Minister to address waiting times urgently

An urgent priority for Sajid Javid must be reducing patient waiting times. Recent research has shown that between 7,000 and 35,000 cancer patients could die within a year because of delays. These unnecessary deaths need to be addressed by the Government. Another group affected is young people who are facing lengthy waiting times to receive […]

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Govt must be clear how local lockdowns will work

The first localised lockdown could be imposed on Leicester, following a rise in Covid-19 cases. In response, Munira is urging the Government to make it clear how localised lockdowns will work and who will be responsible for managing them. She has also highlighted the importance of localised data being shared with local authorities. You can […]

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Munira calls for a public inquiry into the Govt’s handling of the pandemic

New figures show that the number of people dying from Covid-19 in the UK were five times higher than in Germany. In response to these figures, Munira called for an independent inquiry into how the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has handled the pandemic. You can read more in the Express here.

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