What is Munira doing?

Munira is using her platform as Liberal Democrat Health and Social Care Spokesperson to champion the issue of children’s mental health on a national level.

Munira regularly receives constituent correspondence from parents of children with mental health issues that face excruciatingly long waiting times to access services. Conditions can often become worse during the time they are waiting.

“You shouldn’t have to be suicidal to get care”

Munira Wilson, Health Service Journal, 27 Jan 2020

There are a number of issues with Children’s and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), including:

  • Chronic underfunding.
  • Patchy data – we don’t actually know the real amounts of funding that reach the frontline because of the way funding data is recorded and how funding is distributed through Clinical Commissioning Groups.
  • There is a lack of waiting time standards (aside from eating disorders services).
  • Workforce shortages – one in six CAMHS psychiatrist positions remain empty.

NHS Funding Bill Amendment

Munira tabled an amendment to the NHS Funding Bill (a Bill that enshrines an increase in funding towards the NHS England budget into law). Had it been passed, the amendment would have increased the transparency around how much CAMHS funding is reaching frontline services – it would have required the Government to report to Parliament how much it was spending on CAMHS annually.

Meeting with the Health Minister

Following her speeches on the NHS Funding Bill, Munira secured a meeting with the Health Minister Edward Argar to discuss CAMHS issues.

Raising awareness

Munira has made speeches in Parliament, and asked more than 25 Parliamentary Questions relating to children’s mental health.

Munira is on officer of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on mental health.

Munira has made numerous media appearances and written in national newspapers advocating improvement in CAMHS.