Munira is taking reports of increased aircraft noise and pollution extremely seriously. Many residents have told Munira that they’ve lived in the area for decades and have never experienced noise as bad as it has been recently. People are struggling to work, study and sleep, and are worried about the effect on human health and the environment.  

Yet, whilst Heathrow air traffic blights the lives of millions of South West Londoners every day and night, there’s little scrutiny or transparency at the national level.

Voicing opposition to Heathrow 3rd runway 

Munira has been part of the campaign against a third runway since being elected. A third runway would be bad for the environment, for local communities, for the UK’s net-zero targets and even potentially for the economy. Munira wants a better Heathrow, not a bigger one. 

In May 2023, Munira spoke in Parliament during a debate led by Putney MP Fleur Anderson and backed by the ‘No 3rd Runway Coalition’. Read more and watch excerpts from Munira’s speech here. In another speech in Parliament, Munira also asked the Transport Minister point blank where the Government stands on a 3rd runway (watch here).

Munira sets out Liberal Democrat opposition to a 3rd runway
Munira calls for action on aircraft noise pollution

Demanding greater restrictions on night flights 

Munira is particularly concerned, as many residents are, about night flights.

In February 2024, Munira asked the Government to ban night flights between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

In 2023, with the Government refusing to consider an all-out ban on night flights, Munira and Richmond Park MP Sarah Olney asked the Minister to ensure that flights are at least restricted in the early hours. Munira has continued to call for more robust regulations on night flights. 

Holding Heathrow to account

Following a significant increase in airplane noise in June 2023, Munira wrote to the CEO of Heathrow to raise residents’ concerns, and ask Heathrow what extra measures it is taking to limit noise pollution. Read more here and Heathrow’s response here.

Munira, along with other Liberal Democrat MPs and representatives, also responded to the public consultation on Heathrow’s Noise Action Plan (NAP) for 2024-2028. They asked Heathrow to go further on issues like night flights, insulation, easterly alternation and independent means of redress. Read more, including the full letter, here. Munira’s Written Questions in Parliament on NAP can be viewed here and here.

Making aircraft noise a statutory nuisance 

Munira has called on the Government to reinstate the independent noise ombudsman and make aircraft noise a statutory nuisance so that local residents have a means of redress. Watch her question to the Transport Minister below.  

Challenging the Government on airspace modernisation 

The ongoing debate around a third runway comes as the Government pursues an airspace modernisation programme that would see Heathrow significantly redrawing its flight plans – potentially intensifying health and environmental impacts. Munira has challenged the Government on its airspace modernisation programme, and questioned Heathrow on to what extent airspace modernisation has been taken into account in its Noise Action Plan. 

Read more of Munira’s questions, and the Minister’s responses here.

Questioning 3rd runway costs

With a 3rd runway at Heathrow potentially back on the table, people have a right to know where the money would come from for the huge upgrades to public transport (rail, roads and tube) that would be needed to serve the airport. When Munira asked the Transport Secretary in Parliament, he said “the funding has to come from Heathrow”. Yet Heathrow says it will contribute only £2bn of the possible £15bn cost. Munira and other MPs have written to the Transport Secretary seeking clarity (here).


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What you can do

The following local campaign groups are engaging on this issue and fighting on behalf of residents: 

Munira and her Liberal Democrat colleagues will continue to hold the Government to account, and stand up for residents suffering the blight of aircraft noise and pollution.