As Health and Social Care Spokesperson, Munira is leading the Liberal Democrats’ response to the coronavirus and has worked constructively with the Government to find solutions to problems emerging from the crisis.

When the Coronavirus Bill was coming through Parliament (a Bill that gives the Government sweeping powers to help manage the coronavirus crisis), Munira attended many behind-the-scenes talks and Government briefings to discuss the Liberal Democrats concerns.

Looking after NHS workers

Munira co-signed letter with Ed Davey MP, Sarah Olney MP and Daisy Cooper MP calling for the Government to cover the cost of emergency accommodation for commuting NHS staff and the cost of congestion charge and parking charges for those still commuting.

Munira co-signed a second letter with over 50 other MPs calling for a compensation scheme for the families of workers who lose their lives to the virus.

Munira has pursued the government to provide adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to frontline NHS workers.

An NHS doctor paid £90 for Goggles to protect his team

Munira Wilson, the Liberal Democrat spokeswoman for health, posted an image on social media yesterday of three sets of Motocross anti-fog neon-yellow goggles.

The MP for Twickenham said in a message retweeted more than 900 times that she’d been sent the picture by a frontline doctor.

Daily Mail, 2 April 2020

Mental health

Munira is leading a cross-party campaign to improve mental health support during the coronavirus crisis.

Recently, she wrote a letter urging Matt Hancock for more support for people’s mental health. The letter was signed by more than 50 cross-party MPs and Peers.

Social care

Munira wrote to Health Secretary Matt Hancock raising the concerns of a local children’s hospice on how care might be impacted by the coronavirus.

Munira has asked in Parliament about the prioritisation of both NHS and social care staff.

Munira has written in the national press on the subject of standards falling in social care as a result of the coronavirus.


Munira successfully called on the government to offer adequate support to the self-employed during the coronavirus, and has since lobbied on behalf of those people who are still excluded from receiving it.

Getting constituents home

Munira has been helping around 40 constituents get home from countries they have become stuck in since the coronavirus crisis hit.

She asked the FCO Minister what is being done to help a group of four particular constituents get home from Vietnam.